Nathan (Nate) Gaunt

Nate Gaunt

Registered Psychologist (General & Counselling Psychologist)

BA (Psych/Ed) MA (Hons) MNZPsS, MANZTSA

Background: Nate is a Registered Psychologist and Registered Counselling Psychologist. He has a background working in general and forensic psychology, and enjoys providing psychological services for individuals and couples. Nate also provides professional supervision for other mental-health and associated helping-professionals, and enjoys teaching and training others in psychology related topics.

Approach: Nate employs a variety of psychological approaches and therapies in his work with clients. He believes in gentle, collaborative and affirmative techniques and therapies, and likes to work with clients at their own pace, on either a short or long term basis.

Areas of Particular Interest and Specialisation:

Couples and Relationship Therapy: – Nate works with couples that are seeking to repair, restore, and improve their relationships. Nate is particularly interested in helping couples to recognise and address unhealthy styles of conflict, to re-engage and improve intimacy and communication, and to find ways to strengthen relationships. Nate is skilled at working with both heterosexual and same-sex couples, and untraditional relationship dynamics (such as polyamory, open- relationships etc). Nate prefers to work in 90-minute sessions with couples to allow and accommodate for both partners to engage and discuss important issues and challenges.

Sexuality and Sex Related Issues: – Nate is experienced in working with a diverse range of sexual issues, including sexual orientation and sexual identity (eg ‘coming out’ as gay or bi-sexual), Transgender and gender-identity issues, Fetish and Paraphilia, and sexual performance and ability (e.g. erectile dysfunction etc.).

Unwanted, Compulsive and/or Harmful Sexual Behaviours: – Nate has particular experience and skill in working with people to address their unwanted, compulsive (“addictive”) and harmful sexual thoughts and behaviours. (For example, the problematic and compulsive use of pornography, compulsive use of sex workers, voyeurism etc.).

The Treatment of Sexually Offending Behaviours: – Nate has experience and expertise in assessing and treating those who have sexually offended (or feel that they might be at risk of doing so). In particular, he is known for his work in treating those who have sexually offended against children, both directly, and /or through the viewing, production and/or trade of ‘child-pornography’ (child sexual abuse imagery).

Internet-related Psychological Issues (Cyber-Psychology): – Such as the compulsive and problematic use of online pornography, or overuse of online games etc.

Professional Supervision of Mental Health Professionals: – Nate provides clinical supervision for other mental health or related professionals, such as other psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors etc. Nate can provide either ongoing and regular supervision, or ‘one off’ case consultations.


Individual Clients: $200 (inc. GST) for a 60-minute session

Couples/ Relationship Therapy: $220 for a 60-minute session

Supervision: To be negotiated

Sometimes a reduced rate can be negotiated for clients in a position of financial hardship, or who are engaging more frequent and ongoing therapy. Fees are payable by EFTPOS, cash or cheque at the completion of each session.

If you need to cancel an appointment please provide at least 24-hours notice. Sessions not attended or cancelled within 24 hours incur the full fee. Non-paid invoices may be subject to debt collection and incur associated costs

Appointments: Nate is available Monday to Thursday.

To discuss making an appointment, please call Nate directly on 021 121 2024

(Please note that Nate is not often able to answer calls immediately. If there is no answer when you call, pleases leave an answerphone message and he will respond when he can)

You can also reach Nate via

Please note that Nate cannot offer an after-hours, immediate response or crisis service. If you are concerned for your own or any other person’s safety, you should contact the emergency services (dial 111) or use one of the crisis services listed on the following web page: